Frameworks/Epics/KF5.0 Release Preparation/KDE4 References

Status Description Notes Contact
IN PROGRESS kapidox RR 116758, RR 116955
DONE kauth RR 116723
IN PROGRESS kcmutils RR 116959
TODO kcodecs src/kcharsets.cpp has a KDE4 TODO about making codec names uppercase
DONE kcompletion RR 116960
IN PROGRESS kconfig RR 116962, docs/README.kiosk is way out of date
TODO kde4support Needs investigation
DONE kdeclarative RR 116724
IN PROGRESS kded RR 116980
IN PROGRESS kdewebkit RR 116981
DONE kdesignerplugin RR 116725
IN PROGRESS kdoctools Documentation templates and various language files refer to old terminology, including "&kde; 4.x"; plan is to clean these up after beta1
IN PROGRESS kemoticons RR 116876
IN PROGRESS khtml RR 116726, RR 116982
DONE ki18n RR 116799
IN PROGRESS kinit RR 116726, RR 116984, also src/kwrapper/kwrapper_win.cpp
IN PROGRESS kio RR 116759, RR 116997
  • docs/kioslave/help/documentationnotfound/index.docbook
  • TODO in src/core/filecopyjob.cpp
  • TODO in src/core/global.h, autotests/kfileitemactionstest.cpp docs
  • TODO in src/widgets/kdesktopfileactions.cpp
  • TODO in src/widgets/paste.cpp
  • src/widgets/thumbcreator.h docs
DONE kjs RR 116728
IN PROGRESS knewstuff RR 116735, RR 116998, docs/tutorial.txt
TODO kross ki18n translation domain is set to "kdelibs4" in src/console/main.cpp (the i18n stuff is a bit of a mess in there)
IN PROGRESS kparts RR 116999, TODO in src/browserarguments.h
IN PROGRESS kservice RR 116762, RR 116894, RR 116895, KService::serviceByDesktopName lookup order, tests/kmimeassociationstest.cpp (kde4- prefixes for desktop files, but kf5 sets no prefix by default)
DONE kwallet RR 116732
DONE kwidgetsaddons RR 116729
DONE kxmlgui RR 116740
DONE solid RR 116739

Honourable Mentions

  • FrameworkIntegration: .gitignore and copyright notices for KStyle
  • KArchive: comment correctly refers to kde4
  • KAuth: comment correctly refers to KDE4Internal
  • KConfig: (src/kconfig_compiler/kconfig_compiler.cpp) comment correctly refers to kde4
  • KConfigWidgets: (src/ktip.h) comment correctly refers to kde4
  • KCoreAddons: comments / mime type correctly refer to kde4
  • KDESu: comments correctly refer to kde4
  • KDocTools: translator comments in user.entities files for sr refer to trunk/l10n-kde4/sr/internal in svn - this is correct for now
  • KHTML: src/BUILDING-TESTREGRESSIONS is for qt4/kdelibs4 and so has references to kde4, but that is not exactly a priority
  • KIconThemes: comment about kde4support and a bit of code that skips the "default.kde4" theme
  • KIdleTime: comments correctly refer to KDE4Powersave
  • KImageFormats: comments correctly refer to kde4support
  • KIO:
    • src/filewidgets/kfilemetapreview_p.h comment correctly refers to kde4
    • src/ioslaves/http/kcookiejar/kcookiescfg.upd: update Id refers to KDE 4.10, since the change was just after 4.10.
  • KNewStuff: tests/kdxsview.cpp has a KDE4PORT comment, but the tests generally need porting to knewstuff3
  • Kross: various commented-out lines and things in unused files refer to paths on someone's machine that starts "/home/kde4/"
  • KService:
    • autotests/kfileitemactionstest.cpp: comments correctly refer to kde4
    • src/kbuildsycoca/CMakeLists.txt: comment correctly refers to kde4
    • src/plugin/klibrary.cpp: kde4Factory method is genuinely for loading kde4-style plugins; the kde3 support could be stripped, though
    • src/plugin/klibrary.h: apidox correctly refers to kde4; the kde3 support could be stripped, though
  • KTextEditor: kde4 is mentioned in a changelog
  • KWidgetsAddons: comment / mime type correctly refers to kde4
  • KXmlGui: src/kdepackages.h hardcodes bugzilla products, including some with "kde4" in the name

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