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Frameworks/Epics/KF5.0 Release Preparation/KDE4 References

Status Description Notes Contact
DONE kauth RR 116723
TODO kde4support Needs investigation
IN PROGRESS kdeclarative RR 116724
IN PROGRESS kdesignerplugin RR 116725
TODO kdoctools comments in entities files
TODO kemoticons default theme name is "kde4"
IN PROGRESS khtml RR 116726
TODO ki18n cmake/kf5i18nuic.cmake
IN PROGRESS kinit RR 116726, also src/kwrapper/kwrapper_win.cpp
TODO kio various references
IN PROGRESS kjs RR 116728
TODO knewstuff tests/CMakeLists.txt
TODO kross various commented-out lines and things in unused files refer to paths on someone's machine that starts "/home/kde4/"
TODO kservice many things that need investigating
DONE kwallet RR 116732
IN PROGRESS kwidgetsaddons RR 116729
TODO kxmlgui docs in src/kcheckaccelerators.h and packages list in src/kdepackages.h
TODO solid tests/CMakeLists.txt

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