Frameworks/Epics/KF5.0 Release Preparation

Preparing KF 5.0 Release

Tasks for Tech Preview

Once all the tasks in here are done, we can proceed with announcing the release of KF 5.0 Tech Preview.

Status Description Contact
DONE Fix the EOL issue with 3 repos Aurélien Gâteau
DONE Finalize framework naming Aurélien Gâteau, David Faure
DONE Get the repositories splitted Ben Cooksley
DONE Run the code reformatting scripts David Faure
DONE Adjust kdesrc-build include file and kde-build-metadata Martin Klapetek
DONE Open the repos for commits again Ben Cooksley
DONE Announce that no merging from master to frameworks will happen anymore (devs must cherry-pick) David Faure
DONE Set up the jobs on Aurélien Gâteau
DONE Ensure all jobs are green on David Faure, Alex Merry, ...
DONE Prepare frameworks presence on David Edmunson
DONE Add framework repositories to Ben Cooksley
DONE Have the tarball production script ready David Faure / release-team
DONE Ensure all frameworks install forward headers Aleix Pol, David Faure
DONE Run the packaging script and tag 5.0-tp1 for release, upload tarballs David Faure
DONE Publish the tarballs Ben Cooksley

Tasks for Final Release

After the technology preview we'll switch to a time based release cycle (TBD once tech preview is out) until all the tasks here are done in which case we'll be able to proceed with announcing KF 5.0 final.

Status Description Contact
DONE Ensure all the necessary files are in place in each framework (README, license, apidox, etc. etc.) (Detailed page) Aurélien Gâteau
DONE Rename "kdnssd-framework" to "kdnssd", moving the existing "kdnssd" repository out of the way Alex Merry
DONE Merge the two kwallet frameworks Valentin Rusu
DONE Ensure all frameworks install a .pri file for qmake users David Faure
DONE Get the dependency graph generator script ready Aurélien Gâteau
DONE Have the frameworks on Alex Merry
DONE Reduce the KDE footprint in ECM as much as possible Alex Merry
DONE Have maintainers allocated to the frameworks (still quite a few without maintainers... can't hold any longer to have a complete list) Kevin Ottens
DONE Make sure the maintainers allocated to the frameworks have reviewed the API of their frameworks to look for SC improvements to the API Kevin Ottens
DONE Make sure the Frameworks handle l10n correctly (Detailed page) Aurélien Gâteau
DONE Reduce the mentions of KDE4 in the source code to those that are correct/needed (Detailed page) Alex Merry
DONE kimageformats: Fix .pic unit test Alex Merry
IN PROGRESS solid: Power Alex Fiestas, Kai Uwe Broulik

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