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Frameworks/Epics/KDevelop based SDK

Things to be figured out:

  • Documentation: Do we want to go for the *.qch road?
  • Templates: Are the ones we have in kdesdk/kapptemplates enough?
  • Examples: are those enough? How do we comple one of those separatedly?
  • QtQuick: How far should KDevelop integrate such language?

Probably at the moment KDevelop is quite optimal when it comes to the day to day development of a C++ developer/KDE Hacker. Making an SDK on top of KDevelop, I think it would mean to fulfill the following use cases:

  • Easily debug KDE plugins (e.g. KIO, kded, plasmoids)
  • Reduce discoverability of KDE technologies. Good examples and templates integration.
  • Integrate as much as possible the official set of technologies while developing a project. Those would be: C++, Qt, KF5 and QtQuick/QML.

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