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While most KDE Software is applications which can continue to run with kdelibs 4 while you run a Plasma 2 workspace there are various parts of KDE Software are integrated with the workspace and will need to be ported at the same time to prevent regressing features when switching use to a KF 5/Plasma 2 system.

This is besides everything in kde-runtime and kde-workspace which all need to be ported.

Merge this into Plasma/PW2Todo

Status Component Description Migrator Comments
TODO kcm-akonadi kdepim-runtime kcm module may need to be turned into standalone/run from kontact if it needs lots of bits ported to kf5 to be of any use
TODO print-manager kdeutils plasma applet and kcm
DONE libnm-qt Qt 5 port sebas
TODO libmm-qt Qt 5 port being ported to mm 1.0 in master, optional so no rush
IN PROGRESS plasma-nm plasma applet and supporting libraries sebas "There is even a frameworks branch in plasma-nm, so it already works with frameworks5, which networkmanagement does not." says lamarque's blog
TODO kde-config-gtk kcm
TODO kde wallet kcm, kded really everything should be ported to secret service but that doesn't work
TODO bluedevil plasmoid, kded, kcm
TODO telepathy kcm in system-settings kcm like kdepim may need to be made standalone/run from KDE IM Contacts if it needs everything ported to kf5 to work
TODO kamera kcm, kio
TODO kscreen plasma applet, kcm
TODO about-distro kcm
TODO lightdm/sddm needs decision on which to use and integrate it with kcm and plasma
TODO user-manager kcm

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