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KDE Frameworks 5 and Plasma 2 co-installability

It should be possible to install a kde frameworks 5 runtime alonside a kdelibs 4 runtime so apps can use either one

Many paths have changed by default so there is no clash

  • kdelibs 4 CONFIG_INSTALL_DIR: /usr/share/config
  • kf5 CONFIG_INSTALL_DIR: /etc/xdg
  • kdelibs 4 DATA_INSTALL_DIR: /usr/share/apps
  • kf5 DATA_INSTALL_DIR: /usr/share

HTML_INSTALL_DIR does clash as /usr/share/doc/HTML to allow khelpcentre to find docs from both kdelibs4 land and kf5 land

Plasma Next coinstallability page


  • kioslave documentation moved to kioslave5


  • /usr/share/doc/HTML/en/kdebugdialog will clash, manual merge request




  • currency files moved, all good

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