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KDE Frameworks 5 co-installability

It should be possible to install a kde frameworks 5 runtime alonside a kdelibs 4 runtime so apps can use either one


Qt libraries it depends on already have two versions with different sonames or different names

  • phonon - rename done
  • attica - rename done
  • dbusmenu - rename done
  • libstream and libstreamanalyzer - not qt libraries so no rename needed
  • grantlee - not ported to Qt 5 but it is only used for a test which is disabled.

data files:

Most install into DATA_INSTALL_DIR which can be made version specific, e.g. /usr/share/kde4/ and /usr/share/kdeframeworks5

  • share/kcharselect/kcharselect-data DATA_INSTALL_DIR
  • share/ksgmltools2 DATA_INSTALL_DIR
  • share/xmlgui/pics/aboutkde.png DATA_INSTALL_DIR
  • share/khtml/ DATA_INSTALL_DIR
  • share/kssl/ DATA_INSTALL_DIR
  • share/kconfigwidgets DATA_INSTALL_DIR (and changed dir name)
  • share/knewstuff/pics DATA_INSTALL_DIR
  • share/kconf_update DATA_INSTALL_DIR
  • share/kjava DATA_INSTALL_DIR
  • share/proxyscout/ DATA_INSTALL_DIR
  • share/kcm_componentchooser/ DATA_INSTALL_DIR
  • share/kdewidgets/ DATA_INSTALL_DIR

These are files which can be shared between kdelibs 4 and kde frameworks 5

  • share/locale/ can be shared
  • share/mime/packages/kde.xml can be shared
  • share/icons/hicolor/ - kimproxy icons can be shared
  • share/doc can be shared
  • etc/dbus-1/system.d/org.kde.auth.conf can be shared
  • etc/xdg/ can be shared

Some files are only needed for developers where the kdelibs and kdeframeworks packages can be made to conflict

  • share/dbus-1/interfaces/ dev files
  • share/kauth/ dev files and DATA_INSTALL_DIR
  • share/cmake/modules/ dev files and DATA_INSTALL_DIR


Some are renamed already or a new:

  • bin/kdeinit5_shutdown
  • bin/kbuildsycoca5
  • bin/kdeinit5_wrapper
  • bin/meinproc5
  • bin/kdeinit5
  • bin/kf5-config
  • bin/kded5
  • bin/desktoptojson
  • bin/kshell5
  • bin/kwrapper5

Some are developer only binaries, the -dev package can be muturally exclusive:

  • bin/makekdewidgets
  • bin/checkXML
  • bin/preparetips
  • bin/kconfig_compiler

Some are interchangeable binaries:

  • bin/kmailservice
  • bin/ktelnetservice

Some are runtime binaries and need confirmed if they are interchangeable or need renamed:

  • bin/kjs
  • bin/kjscmd
  • bin/kcookiejar4
  • bin/kross


  • lib/*.so.5.0.0 libraries are new or renamed
  • lib/*.so.4.12.0 bump soname
  • lib/*.so.5.12.0 bump soname
  • libKPrintUtils.so.SOVERSION fix soname
  • libkdeinit4_klauncher.so eh?
  • plugins/ packager to install to diff directory
  • lib/qml/org/kde/solid/libsolidextensionplugin.so check
  • lib/cmake dev files?
  • lib/libKDE4Attic.so.1 all new

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