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It should be possible to install a kde frameworks 5 runtime alonside a kdelibs 4 runtime so apps can use either one
It should be possible to install a kde frameworks 5 runtime alonside a kdelibs 4 runtime so apps can use either one
= Dependencies: =
= kio =
Qt libraries it depends on already have two versions with different sonames or different names
* /usr/share/doc/HTML/en/kioslave/   will clash unless distros change docs install path (as ubuntu does)
* phonon - rename done
* attica - rename done
* dbusmenu - rename done
* oxygen-icons - just install the latest version
* qimageblitz - rename done
* libstream and libstreamanalyzer - not qt libraries so ABI the same and no rename needed
* grantlee - not ported to Qt 5 but it is only used for a test which is disabled.
* polkit-qt-1 - '''collides''' with Qt4 counterpart, both by name and soname
= KDE Frameworks 5 =
== data files: ==
Most install into DATA_INSTALL_DIR which can be made version specific, e.g. /usr/share/kde4/ and /usr/share/kdeframeworks5
* share/kcharselect/kcharselect-data  DATA_INSTALL_DIR
* share/ksgmltools2  DATA_INSTALL_DIR
* share/xmlgui/pics/aboutkde.png DATA_INSTALL_DIR
* share/khtml/ DATA_INSTALL_DIR
* share/kssl/ DATA_INSTALL_DIR
* share/kauth/
* share/cmake/modules/
* share/kconfigwidgets DATA_INSTALL_DIR (and changed dir name)
* share/knewstuff/pics DATA_INSTALL_DIR
* share/kconf_update DATA_INSTALL_DIR
* share/kjava DATA_INSTALL_DIR
* share/proxyscout/ DATA_INSTALL_DIR
* share/kcm_componentchooser/ DATA_INSTALL_DIR
* share/kdewidgets/ DATA_INSTALL_DIR
'''Note''' default DATA_INSTALL_DIR from kdelibs4 was ${SHARE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/apps, with KF5 it is same as ${SHARE_INSTALL_PREFIX}, and it completely depends on $XDG_DATA_DIRS/xdgDataDirs (for anything other than default, env variables need to be exported, both during buildtime, and runtime). But, on default configuration, data does not collide!
These are files which could be shared between kdelibs 4 and kde frameworks 5
* share/locale/
Currently, share/locale/all_languages and share/locale/en_US/entry.desktop are provided by both kdelibs4 and kf5.
* share/mime/packages/
Currently, kdelibs installs share/mime/packages/kde.xml and KF5 installs share/mime/packages/kde5.xml
* share/icons/hicolor/
ATM seems that no icons are installed with KF5
* share/doc
HTML_INSTALL_DIR  is the same in both generations of libraries: currently kio docs collide
* etc/xdg/
Both kdelibs and KF5 provide etc/xdg/menus/applications.menu
* share/dbus-1/interfaces/
Several Frameworks install same XML files for their DBus interfaces with the same name as kdelibs counterparts.
* etc/dbus-1/system.d/org.kde.auth.conf
KAuth framework still uses same DBus configuration file as in KDE4 era
== binaries: ==
Some are renamed already or a new:
* bin/checkXML -> * bin/checkXML5
* bin/kdeinit4_shutdown -> bin/kdeinit5_shutdown
* bin/kbuildsycoca4 -> bin/kbuildsycoca5
* bin/kdeinit4_wrapper -> bin/kdeinit5_wrapper
* bin/meinproc4 -> bin/meinproc5
* bin/kdeinit4 -> bin/kdeinit5
* bin/kde4-config -> bin/kf5-config
* bin/kded4 -> bin/kded5
* New binary -> bin/desktoptojson
* bin/kshell4 -> bin/kshell5
* bin/kwrapper4 -> bin/kwrapper5
* bin/kcookiejar4 -> bin/kcookiejar5
* bin/kross -> bin/kf5kross
* bin/kmailservice -> bin/kmailservice5
* bin/ktelnetservice -> bin/ktelnetservice5
* bin/kjs -> bin/kjs5
* bin/kjscmd -> * bin/kjscmd5
* bin/kconfig_compiler -> bin/kconfig_compiler_kf5
* bin/makekdewidgets ->  bin/kgendesignerplugin
* bin/kwalletd -> bin/kwalletd5
* bin/preparetips -> * bin/preparetips5
== libraries: ==
All libraries renamed and versioned to 5.0.0
set some cmake variables to keep various bits separate
* plugins/  needs QT_PLUGIN_INSTALL_DIR set
* lib/cmake needs CMAKECONFIG_INSTALL_DIR set
* lib/qml/org/kde/solid/libsolidextensionplugin.so  new file
* libexec can be put in a kf5 directory with LIBEXEC_INSTALL_DIR
= KActivities =
kdelibs 4 and kde frameworks 5 versions are co-installable
* plugins installed into plugins/kf5 to keep them separate
* kactivities library has been renamed with capital letters and new SONAME
* kactivitymanagerd can be shared between libkactivities in kde4 and in kf5, it has the same same dbus interface
* share/ontologies has been removed
= kde-runtime =
This is due to be split up shortly..
* kpasswdserver/ all good
* kdontchangethehostname/  all good
* kglobalaccel/  https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/116956/
* knotify/sounds/ some default sounds to be used by applications .notifyrc files, rename them all?
* ktimezoned  all good
* kuiserver  https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/117088/
* solid* all good
* kcontrol - needs kde-information.menu and kde-information.directory renamed but I can't find where they're used in kinfocenter
* kioslave - review submitted
* kurifilter-plugins: all good
= KDE Workspace =
Not co-installable, the whole point is to have Plasma 2 and the workspace ported to KF5
= KControl Modules =
Various KControl modules in kde-runtime and kde-workspace need ported to KF5.
They will then edit files in the kf5 settings directory ~/.config/kf5 and not kde 4 settings.  For some it might be useful to share settings, a symlink from e.g. ~/.kde/share/config/kdeglobals to ~/.config/kf5/kdeglobals may work if the config values are the same.

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KDE Frameworks 5 and Plasma 2 co-installability

It should be possible to install a kde frameworks 5 runtime alonside a kdelibs 4 runtime so apps can use either one


  • /usr/share/doc/HTML/en/kioslave/ will clash unless distros change docs install path (as ubuntu does)

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