Frameworks/6.0 Release notes

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New tars

  • kcolorscheme - Classes to read and interact with color schemes
  • kstatusnotifieritem - Implementation of Status Notifier Items
  • ksvg - A library for rendering SVG-based themes with stylesheet re-coloring and on-disk caching.
  • ktexttemplate - this was previously known as grantlee
  • kuserfeedback - this does not yet use the Frameworks names or version numbers but it will

Frameworks moved to Plasma

  • kactivities
  • kactivities-stats
  • kwayland
  • plasma-framework

Frameworks No Longer Shipped

These are considered obsolete for future development

  • kdesignerplugin
  • kdewebkit
  • kemoticons
  • khtml
  • kinit
  • kjs
  • kjsembed
  • kmediaplayer
  • kross
  • kxmlrpcclient
  • kdelibs4support
  • kapidox

Oxygen Icons will be shipped standalone due to its large size and infrequent development and renamed to oxygen-icons

  • oxygen-icons5

Frameworks needing updated build dependencies

  • frameworkintegration - needs AppStream 1.0 which is not yet released, use a Git master snapshot. It needs a current release of PackageKit for the Qt 6 library.
  • kguiaddons - should use plasma-wayland-protocols 1.11.0


Only one version of extra-cmake-modules can be installed. The KF6 version is backwards compatible and should also be used for KF5 builds.

For Frameworks and other relevant libraries we aim for being able to install both a 5 and a 6 version without conflicts. However there are cases where this cannot be provided out of the box, e.g. because a Framework contains runtime parts that must only exist once. Some projects have build flags to disable such problematic parts that should be applied to the KF5 build:

  • kglobalaccel: -DKF6_COMPAT_BUILD=ON
  • drkonqi: -DWITH_PYTHON_VENDORING=OFF - once the python deps are packaged
  • plasma-framework: -DBUILD_DESKTOPTHEMES=OFF (now releases with Plasma)

Icon packages should only ship the latest version

  • breeze-icons
  • oxygen-icons (released separately)