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= Using KDE Frameworks =
= Using KDE Frameworks =
* [[Frameworks/Building|Building KDE Frameworks]]
* [[Guidelines_HOWTOs/Build_from_source|Building KDE Frameworks]]
* [[Frameworks/Porting_Notes|Porting notes]]
* [[Frameworks/Porting_Notes|Porting notes]]

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Using KDE Frameworks

KDE Frameworks Coordination

Welcome to the main coordination page of the KDE Frameworks teams!

This area of the wiki is organized around two main sections:

  • the global section where one can find the current development effort going on across all frameworks (named epics) and the policies which apply to all the KDE Frameworks offering.
  • the framework specifics section where one can find the current development effort on a specific framework (named features) and which policies it applies;

Important: We're still busy bees working on KDE Frameworks 5.0, so only the global section is in effect for now. Help is welcome to complete KDE Frameworks 5.0.

Global work document

Framework Areas


On the Meetings page you find more information about recent and future meetings and their logs.

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