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If your flight from Tampere-Pirkkala Airport leaves at early hours when there are no bus connections, or you otherwise wish to share a taxi with other people, please write below:

  • Date and departure time of your flight
    • Your name, e-mail, IRC nick

The locals will order taxis according to this list to Student House TOAS City, address Tuomiokirkonkatu 19 (Google Maps). We will add information to this page when a taxi has been ordered and at what time it'll be in front of TOAS Student House.

Tampere taxi information can be found at

Taxi list

  • July 9 6:15 am (Taxi for 4 people ordered 4:30 am from TOAS by smoinen)
    • Jaroslaw Staniek jstaniek
    • Joseph Wenninger
    • Torsten Thelke
  • July 9 13:35 (Taxi for 4 people ordered 11:30 am from Demola by smoinen)
    • Marco Martin notmart
    • Alessandro Diaferia alediaferia
    • Davide bettio uninstall
    • Valerio Pilo vpilo
  • July 10 6:15 am (Taxi for 8 people (minivan) ordered 4:30 am from TOAS by smoinen)
    • Jonas Vejlin,, beer
    • Troy Unrau,, troy
    • Volker Krause,, vkrause
    • Peter Grasch,, bedahr
    • Tobias Koenig,, tokoe
    • Leo Franchi,
  • July 11, 6:15 am (Taxi for 4 people ordered 4:30 am from TOAS by smoinen)
    • Jure Repinc,, JLP
    • Neja Repinc,, SmrtSkoso

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