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  • usage patterns
    • kdevelop as improved kate
    • kdevelop as 1-project ide
    • kdevelop as a ultimate work tool - many projects, sessions, etc.
  • what are sessions: intended use, scope, limitations
  • projects
    • idea behind multiple projects
    • multiple projects and buildiing
    • multiple projects and other plugins
  • what happens behind the hood in UI
    • what are areas: intended use, limitations
    • what are workingsets: intended use, limitations
    • concept of views, saving/closing views and areas
  • what happens behind the hood in c++ support
    • how includes are found
      • when automatic resolver is used
      • which buildsystems and when can do
    • how and when completion, assistant hints, refactoring etc. work
    • ...
  • how to create and use snippets
  • how to customize the IDE
    • customizing editor (modelines, kateconfig)
    • creating custom shortcut scheme
    • kdeveloprc - what's there, what to change
  • best workflow
    • quickopen instead of class view
    • navigation explained
      • what is context, what context navigation do
      • all other navigation features
      • tab/notab management
  • ...etc.

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