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Attendees at Akademy 2010

If you are coming to Akademy, you can put your details here so that others can see if they arrive at the same time as you, and/or meet up to travel together.

I'm going to Akademy 2010!


Please add in order of arrival date

Name Country
IRC Arrival Date Arrival Time Arrival Details Notes
Jonathan Riddell Scotland Riddell 01st, Thu 11:15 Flight 6481 from Edinburgh
Robin Appelman The Netherlands icewind 02nd, Fri 10:35 Flight KL1165 AMS->HEL
Valerio Pilo Italy vpilo 02nd, Fri 13:10 Flight FR4724 from Milan (BGY) to Tampere (TMP) [KMess team] I will attend everything :)
Marijn Kruisselbrink The Netherlands Mek 02nd, Fri 13:30 Flight KL1167 AMS->HEL
Akarsh Simha India kstar 02nd, Fri 17:22 Finnair from DEL->HEL; Train from HEL->TMP.
Lydia Pintscher Germany Nightrose 02nd, Fri 18:15 Flight FR1921 HHH->TMP
Knut Yrvin Norway kyrvin 02nd, Fri 18:30 SAS SK6642, Oslo - Arlanda - Tampere
Anne Wilson England annew 02nd, Fri 19:02 AY0934, Manchester - Helsinki, 17:30 train to Tampere
Stuart Jarvis UK jakamoko 02nd, Fri 21:15 Helsinki; 00:25 Tampere EZ8965 LGW->HEL Promo


Please add in order of departure date

Name Country
IRC Departure Date Departure Time Departure Details Notes
Knut Yrvin Norway kyrvin 07th, Wed 16:55 SK6665, Tampere - Arlanda - Oslo
Anne Wilson England annew 09th, Fri 11:07 train AY0937 Helsinki to Manchester, 16:55
Valerio Pilo Italy vpilo 09th, Fri 13:35 Flight FR4725 from Tampere (TMP) to Milan (BGY) [KMess team]
Troy Unrau Canada troy 10th, Sat 0615 Flight FINNAIR 3992 TMP-HEL; ICELANDAIR 343 HEL-KEF @1520 [Marketing]
Marijn Kruisselbrink The Netherlands Mek 10th, Sat 11:15 Flight KL1166 HEL->AMS
Akarsh Simha India kstar 10th, Sat Still TBD. TMP->HEL by Train.
Lydia Pintscher Germany Nightrose 10th, Sat 16:55 Flight FR1922 TMP->HHH
Robin Appelman The Netherlands icewind 10th, Sat 17:55 Flight KL1170 HEL->AMS
Stuart Jarvis UK jakamoko 11th, Sun 21:45 EZ8966 HEL->LGW Promo. I'm staying in Helsinki Sat night
Jonathan Riddell Scotland Riddell 11th, Sun 22:40 Flight 6482 to Edinburgh

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