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If Dolphin freezes (i.e., it does not react any more to user input and does not repaint the window on the screen), or if it keeps the CPU busy for a long time, you can do the following to help us find the cause of the problem:

  • Run Dolphin in GDB. In a terminal, enter
gdb dolphin
  • At the GDB prompt, enter
  • Reproduce the freeze (or the situation in which Dolphin keeps the CPU busy for a long time).
  • Switch to the GDB terminal and press Control+Z.
  • At the GDB prompt, enter
thread apply all backtrace
then press Enter repeatedly until there is no further output, and paste the full backtrace in the bug report.
  • If the backtrace looks incomplete (i.e., there are many lines containing "??", or lines without references to .h or .cpp files and their line numbers), you can improve the quality of the backtrace by installing debug packages. See this page on KDE TechBase for details.