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Planned tasks for 2.1

This section lists the things that are planned for the 2.1 version.

  • Show any kind of meta-data as part of the view (see http://ppenz.blogspot.com/2012/01/dolphin-20-status-update.html "Outlook for Dolphin 2.1")
  • Use inline renaming as default
  • Move KDirLister into KFileItemModel and don't pass it in the constructor. This also means that some API-extensions for KFileItemModel are required (e.g. progress-indication)
  • Use KMessageBox (see http://agateau.com/2011/04/21/kde-ux-2011/) for error-messages instead of showing them in the statusbar. This should also simplify the statusbar a lot.
  • Forward error-messages from folder panel. E.g. currently when dropping something above a read-only folder in the folder panel no feedback is given.
  • Remember column-widths per directory when changing it by the user. Don't forget a kind of "Reset"-entry in the context-menu to make it possible to use the auto-expanding again (see bug 264434)

Missing Dolphin 1.x Features

Dolphin 1.x features that are still missing in the master branch belong here.

  • Moving of columns in the details view. Would be great having it back for 2.0, but let's fix the open other issues first before starting with this. Fixed for 4.8.2 (Bug: 164696, Commit: b62c74ec4cc891bc5fafeeafe67dbcc1d17fd445)
  • Inline renaming is not possible. It is planned for 2.1 to make inline renaming default and to solve the missing "OK"/"Cancel" issue (some people have problems to finalize the renaming by pressing RETURN with the inline renaming from Dolphin 1.x).
  • Horizontal autoscrolling for the Folders Panel. Won't be implemented for 2.0 anymore: Let's wait for feedback first - if the autoscrolling will be requested again let's bring it back in 2.1.
  • No selection toggle in the group headers.

Known Bugs

Known regressions in the master branch are listed here.

  • Holding Shift + mouse wheel scroll doesn't increase scroll rate like it does in any other KDE app.
  • KFileItemModel::setExpanded(): Is still true after calling removeExpandedItems() (see mail from Frank "Re: Minor issue KFileItemModel with expanding items" 25.11.2011 00:05).
  • "Create New Folder": the new folder is neither the current item nor selected. See Bug #291064.
  • When clicking the "Close" button next to a status bar message, the close button does not disappear. See Bug #291351.
  • In Compact view with enabled grouping, the last item in each column may not be fully visible. See Bug #291640.
  • Entering a new empty folder will not change the status bar text. See Bug #291641.
  • Icons size sliders in the settings dialog do not have tool tips any more. See Bug #292700.

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