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Current Development

This section lists the things that are being worked on at the moment.

  • Restore current item and selection after resorting the model Frank 21:14, 27 September 2011 (BST)
  • Details view: Fix issues with the horizontal scrollbar and the column-sizes Peter

Missing Dolphin 1.x Features

Dolphin 1.x features that are still missing in the master branch belong here.

  • Restore current item and selection after resorting the model
  • Enable grouping of items

Known Bugs

Known regressions in the master branch are listed here.

  • Keyboard navigation only works if the view has been clicked before.
  • When clicking in the empty space below the items and then moving the mouse down and out of the window while the mouse button is pressed, items may disappear from the view. See Bug #282353. Screencast available in the bug report.

Sorting Issues

  • Sorting folders by size (i.e., number of items) does not work yet.

Split View Issues

  • Open a folder in split view, and create a new folder. The right pane won't show the correct icon.
  • Right click on any item in the left view, and it doesn't "actually" get selected. You can confirm this by opening the properties of the item, it will show the current directory properties and not the selected file properties. If you right-click on a file on the right view, it shows what it should. After doing this, it starts to work for the left pane also.
  • Try renaming a file in any of the views and refresh, the changes are shown only on the right one.
  • Select an item in the right pane, and right-click on any other item in the left one, click on properties. It shows the information for the one selected in the right pane.

Bugs That We Could Not Reproduce Yet

  • Crash in KFileItemModelRolesUpdater when deleting the current folder in Konsole and then moving out of the folder. See Bug #282340.

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