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Digikam Tethering Tool

This page is meant to gather information about the new tethering tool.

Requirements and Considerations

There are no tethering tool or support in current version of digiKam 2.9, I want to implement a new tool for that. This tool will be interfaced using QML, which will provide some interesting features like animations and gives the new tool a little bit of interactivity. There are some technical and design requirements that need to be discussed and fully determined, so this wiki page aims to do that.

Proposed Features

  1. Remote capturing
  2. Pre-capture settings
  3. Display captured image information (f/, ISO, 1/)
  4. View the tethered images and work on them
  5. Pre metadata
  6. Naming settings
  7. Select and show each new captured image (an option)

Capture settings dialog

I don't know whether to use a settings dialog each time user decides to use tethered shooting or just a setup tab?

Setup dialog for tethered shooting

  1. Setting download location

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