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Small Projects to Introduce Students

JAlbum plugin

libjpeg-turbo detection

Read face from Picasa metadata to populate digiKam database

Auto-Lens correction tool don't work in BQM

Keyboard Tagging Improvements

  • Patch to review : http://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/108382/
  • Assigned to : Saurabh Patel
  • Note : author keyboard workflow need to be understood and tested. It miss some menu entries to make shortcuts visible to end users.
  • Status : Pending

Sort Image by Pixel Size and Image Ratio

  • Patch to review : http://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/108574/
  • Assigned to : Pankaj Kumar
  • Note : this patch is incomplete. It miss something to do in Filter tab from icon view right sidebar, and Advanced Search tool to perform search based on these criteria.
  • Status : Completed

Panorama Tool - Hiding binaries details

  • Brief explanation : The goal is to hide the external binaries table when all the binaries are found on the system. A "Binaries' Details" button should be added, which upon clicked will show the table. If all the binaries are not found on startup, then, the table should be shown by default (can be done by simply generating a pseudo click on the above described button once its implemented). Once it is succesfully implemented here, it can be extended to all kipi-plugins which use external binaries.
  • Knowledge Prerequisite : C++, Qt
  • Assigned to : Nishita Tanwar
  • Status : Pending

Video Support in Advanced Search Tool

  • Bugzilla entry : https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=164442
  • Assigned to : ???
  • Note : an initial patch for Advanced Search tool GUI have been posted and must be adapted to last code from git/master. But DB queries builder is not patched and need to be done.

Fix KML export file generator

Remove internal Clapack library

Auto Crop Tool

  • Brief explanation: In some users case relevant of photo workflow, as Panorama assembly for example, digiKam need an algorithm to detect black hole borders of image and crop it automatically, respecting the most largest suitable image area. No adjustment must be require by end user. As JPEG is the most used image format used in photography and as JPEG library support a loss-less crop feature, a specific way must be implemented to process JPEG crop in batch without to lose image quality.
  • Dependencies: Batch Queue Manager, Image Editor.
  • Bugzilla entry: 267436, 204135
  • Knowledge Prerequisite: C/C++, Qt, Imagery
  • Expected results: new editor and batch queue manager tools to crop automatically images
  • Assigned to : Sayantan Datta
  • Status : Completed

digiKam Google Summer of Code 2013 Proposals

All projects proposed to students for Google Summer of Code 2013, have been listed to official KDE wiki page

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