Digikam GSoC 2012 Clone Tool for Image Editor

DigiKam image editor need a simple clone tool to be able to remove quickly dusts, spots, and other unwanted artefact from an image.

Relevant Bugzilla entry:


Some code already exist here but it's unmaintainable library(Taucs): https://projects.kde.org/projects/extragear/graphics/digikam/repository/show?rev=gsoc%2Fclone


1. Check existing code and see what can be used.

2.Tool with preview widget and brush management is partially implemented(check what is available implement what is missing)

3. First focus on basic task - clone a fixed size area, set with setClonePoint to CursorPosition. After that add option to change area size and Drag&Clone(like in GIMP)

4. Look into GIMP code to see how they implement clone tool

5. Focus on using OpenCV library(or something used in GIMP- this will be discussed)

6. Write Unit Tests for Clone Tool.

... Feel free to add more ideas, suggestions etc..


1. Get information

2. Make a list of tasks

3. Schedule every task.

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