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New Files Structure

Devices Folder


digiKam camera interface, Implemented by the two backends, GPCamera and UMSCamera.


The backend for the supported gPhoto2 library cameras.


USB mass-storage device class (USB MSC or UMS), which is a protocol that allows USB devices to be accessible.


Holds the information for a single camera item "Photo, Video, Audio, ..."

Controller Folder


Is responsible for doing all the import interface jobs (camera commands) like listing files/folders, capturing photos, get metadata & free space, get thumbnails, download photos, etc. It should be modified to communicate with the import models in a similar manner that AlbumManager communicates with album models.


Is responsible for updating the history of the jobs done by the interface.

Download Settings

It is the settings in the right sidebar of the interface. There is no need to change it.

Dialogs Folder

Contains all the dialogs for the import interface, there is no need to change it, just move it to another suitable directory.

Main Folder

Contains the main interface class, should be revamped with the new changes and moved to a suitable directory.

Widgets Folder

For now no change in it, just move it to a new directory.


I am thinking of keeping the controller classes and make them communicates with the models, maybe I will add some features to them, but not now. About the camera thumbs controller I don't know whether to make it communicates with the model to give it the thumbs info, or replace it with a dedicated model for thumbnail handling?



The base model to list images from the backends, it is of base type QAbstractListModel, it communicates with the camera controller and gets populated with item infos.



The New Structure

|- utilities
 |- importui
  |- backend
   |- cameracontroller.h,cpp
   |- camerahistoryupdater.h,cpp
   |- camerathumbsctrl.h,cpp
   |- downloadsettings.h,cpp
   |- camiteminfo.h,cpp
   |- dkcamera.h,cpp
   |- gpcamera.h,cpp
   |- umscamera.h,cpp
  |- main
   |- importui.h,cpp
   |- importui_p.h
   |- importui.rc
  |- models
   |- importimagemodel.h,cpp
   |- importimagefiltermodel.h,cpp
  |- views
   |- not now!
  |- widgets
   |- not now!
  |- dialogs
   |- importfolderdialog.h,cpp
   |- importinfodialog.h,cpp
   |- importmessagebox.h,cpp
   |- capturedlg.h,cpp

Issues I Will Take Care Of

  1. To implement the tags, labels features, CamItemInfo needs to have those similar functionalities of the ImageInfo.
  2. Backend code should get some features like updating the listed files after removing/renaming any of them in the backend.
  3. Photo thumbnails sometimes are low resolution (in the UMS cameras), this issue is reproduced with all RAW files I have. see link. The thumbnails quality rendered better when I commented out the getting thumbs from Exif data, but the loading was very slow.


  1. I want to know about the Priv classes why they are created like that?

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