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Digikam GSoC 2012 Camera User Interface Revamp

This page is meant to gather information about the GSoC 2012 Idea, Camera User Interface Revamp.

Requirements and Considerations


DigiKam features a graphical interface to access and download pictures from digital cameras. Code is rather old, using Qt3Support classes for the icon view, the UI code intermangled deeply with backend code, and has not seen very much care and love for some years.

This project would involve taking the old code apart, rewriting a clean code base backend and front-end, but also adding user interface elements to make the most important everyday task as easy as possible.

Creation Date 14-February-2012
Status Proposal
Maintainers Gilles Caulier - Development Marcel - Development Islam Wazery - Development

Description & Related Work


KDE Notification Study



More detailed information can be found in the [.pdf Specification]


Project repository: [1]

Affected Modules

Primary Modules

Name of module Description of changes

Secondary Modules

Project Timeline


Milestone name Milestone description Assigned to Status
Islam Wazery In Progress


Milestone name Milestone description Assigned to Status

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