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Simple explanation of some things. It is not meant for long explanations, but just a short form. People can use a search engine if they want more info.



Akademy is the yearly conference for KDE Contributors and other interested persons.


Baloo is the new file indexer

BoF is workshop/discussion session about a topic.


KDE eV is the non-profit organization supporting KDE and keeps KDE's assets.

Kirigami is a toolkit (QtQuick components) for making mobile and other applications.


Nepomuk is the old indexing service, now mostly retired.


Okular is a document reader (PDF's and other files) released as part of KDE Applications


Randa is a remote place in Switzerland where Mario Fux close to every year arranges a large week long hacking sprint.


VDG is Visual Design Group. Subgroup in KDE doing graphics and usability.

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