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Common Task Videos

This project is to provide demonstrations of how to do everyday tasks with KDE. Most of these videos should be very short. This is officially a KDE project, but it is being worked on.

The goal it to show KDE helping us accomplish work related tasks. KDE is ridiculously beautiful.

We should provide screen and control surface movements.

We should use few words, say what things are with a correct and simple technical name.

We could have a few humorous bits per video, like a WARNING

Howto record and post video


  • mencoder
  • microphone
  • small screen (1024x768 or less) 800x600 is better, 640x480 kde breaks)
  • recordmydesktop
  • youtube account


  • open up a terminal,
  • run recordmydesktop
  • do your stuff
  • select that terminal
  • press control c
  • wait for video file to be processed
  • run mencoder -idx out.ogv -ovc lavc -oac mp3lame -o Your_Tilte.avi
  • post your avi files on youtube (ogv will only play audio with green background)

Video Ideas

  • build kde
  • set up development environment and tools
  • modify a library
  • file a bug report
  • sort images from a digital camera
    • including attaching the camera
  • add a user
  • change your password
  • change background image
  • set system to behave like windows
  • set system to behave like mac
  • show how individuals enjoy setting up their enviornment, _AND HOW IT IS USED_ (not just set up for show)
  • what are widgets? (explain what they are)
  • install new widgets
  • add widgets
  • neat things that can be done with widgets and panels
  • how to use Activities
  • sort music
  • rename a file
  • burn a cd
  • rename a lot of files (in windows you just get bulk rename utility)
  • find a file
  • move a file to a flash drive
  • back up files
  • Figure out what program to run ( over view of names, maybe show navigating thru a menu and show what the program is that pops up for the main things / categories people will need)

KDE Task videos -- demonstrates using KDE -- sort of as a new user would see it. Not quite tutorials, more a mixed review + workarounds

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