Calligra Active

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Calligra Active is a Calligra interface tailored specifically for use with Plasma/Active on tablet devices. Read more about the first release at

Started off as a generic QML UI for Calligra in January 2011, Calligra Active now aims to provide a basic Office viewer for the Plasma Active project. The source code resides inside the active/ subdirectory of the Calligra repository at


Current Features

  • Open Text Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations
  • Search for text in Text Documents
  • Flick and pan
  • Easy to use toolbars - now adapt to document properties
  • Slideshow mode
  • Select and copy for Text documents

Planned features

  • Pinch zoom
  • Custom slideshow mode
  • Search for text in Spreadsheets, Presentations

Junior Jobs

  • Select and copy for Spreadsheets, Presentations
  • Current Slide/sheet/page/total display

Release cycle

Even though officially a part of the Calligra suite, Calligra Active follows the release schedule from the Plasma Active project and contributions should be made according to the same.