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This page gives explanation about the various freezes during KOffice release schedule

Soft Freeze

From this time on, only features that are listed in the features plan can be added.

Hard Freeze

From this time on, no new features can be added, and only bug fixes are allowed.

String Freeze

To give time for translations team to update and finish the translations of various applications, it is not allowed to add new strings or change existing strings to an application. But there are exceptions:

  • strings that already appear in the UI, but were not translated because of a lack of i18n, or an extraction problem; in this case it is allowed to fix the extraction and/or add i18n
  • errors in the string such as typographic errors can be fixed as well

But each time a string is changed, the translation teams need to be warned about it, the best way to do this is to add "CCMAIL: [email protected]" in the commit message. No need to warn translation team when removing a string.

For reference see Fedora project definition of string freezes.

Reusing Strings

Translations in KOffice are split in different files, one for each module (a.k.a applications, libraries and plugins).

If a string is used in a module, it can be reused inside the same module. For instance, a string used in KPresenter can't be used in KWord, but can be used in various places in KPresenter.

The list of translation files for KOffice can be browsed here.

Here is the list of translations files, and corresponding directories in KOffice:

  • ArtisticTextShape.pot -> plugins/artistictextshape/
  • AutocorrectPlugin.pot -> plugins/textediting/autocorrection/
  • ChangecasePlugin.pot -> plugins/textediting/changecase/
  • CharShape.pot -> kchart/shape
  • DivineProportion.pot -> plugins/divineProportion/
  • MusicShape.pot -> plugins/musicshape/
  • ParagraphTool.pot -> plugins/paragraphtool/
  • PathShapes.pot -> plugins/pathshapes/
  • PicturesShapes.pot -> plugins/pictureshape/
  • SpellScheck.pot -> plugins/textediting/spellcheck/
  • TableShape.pot -> plugins/tableshape/
  • TextShape.pot -> plugins/textshape/
  • FormulaShape.pot -> kformula/flake/
  • VariablesPlugins.pot -> plugins/variables/
  • desktop_koffice.po -> all desktop files in koffice
  • karbon.pot -> karbon (except karbon/plugins/dockers and karbon/plugins/tools)
  • KarbonTools.pot -> karbon/plugins/tools/
  • KarbonDockersPlugin.pot -> karbon/plugins/dockers/
  • kchart.pot -> kchart (except kchart/shape/)
  • kexi.pot -> kexi
  • kformula.pot -> kformula (except kformula/shape)
  • kivio.pot
  • koconverter.po -> tools/converter
  • koffice.po -> libs/
  • kofficefilters.po -> filters/
  • kounavail.po -> kounavail/
  • kpresenter.pot
  • krita.pot
  • kscan_plugin.po -> plugins/scan/
  • kspread.po -> kspread (except kspread/plugins/calendar/)
  • kspread_plugin_tool_calendar.pot -> kspread/plugins/calendar/
  • kthesaurus.po -> tools/kthesaurus/
  • kword.pot
  • thesaurus_tool.pot

Code Freeze

Only changes that have been reviewed by the team are allowed (it should be limited to compilation issues, data loss and security fixes).

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