Calligra/Schedules/Feature Plan

See also: Release Plan, Quality Control

This is a list of planned features for Calligra Suite 2.5.

Status: in development, Alpha


  • todo => not started yet
  • in-progress => started, but not completed yet
  • done => completed

Formula Shape

Status Description branch Contact target
FeatureInProgress Tool to create formula from matlab equations git Cyrille Berger 2.5

Proposed table

Legend:  To do = TODO     In progress = In progress     Done = Done       tbd = to be decided / not scheduled yet       Git = git feature branch

St Description Git Contact
PIn progress Tool to create formula from matlab equations git formulashape-matlab_tool-cyrille_berger Berger
PIn progress FOutline mode git Artaud, Port
TTo do Slides sorter bug fix git Artaud
DDone Canvas size only the size of slide, but possible to put shapes outside git Boemann
DDone lorum ipsum git Boemann
DDone Main Window - Create lightweight nonmodal web-like startup screen git jstaniek

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