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See also: Release Plan, Quality Control

This is a list of planned features for Calligra Suite 2.5.

Status: in development, Alpha


  • todo => not started yet
  • in-progress => started, but not completed yet
  • done => completed

Formula Shape

Status Description branch Contact target
FeatureInProgress Tool to create formula from matlab equations git Cyrille Berger 2.5

Proposed table

S Component Description Git Contact Ver
PIn progress Formula Shape git Tool to create formula from matlab equations formulashape-matlab_tool-cyrille_berger
PIn progress Formula Shape Port git Outline mode [[Calligra/Schedules//Release_Plan|]]
TTo do Formula Shape git Slides sorter bug fix [[Calligra/Schedules//Release_Plan|]]
DDone Formula Shape git Canvas size only the size of slide, but possible to put shapes outside [[Calligra/Schedules//Release_Plan|]]
DDone Kexi Main Window git Create lightweight nonmodal web-like startup screen [[Calligra/Schedules//Release_Plan|]]
W Kexi Main Window Create XML-based tabbed toolbar framework - jstaniek 3.0
W Kexi Main Window Create XML-based sidebar toolbox framework - jstaniek 3.0

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