Calligra/Schedules/2.4/Release Plan

See also: Feature Plan, Quality Control

Status: in development, Alpha

For this release, we aim at making Calligra ready for users. We will start making a plan for beta and final releases once the feautres mark for user-readiness in the Feature Plan are implemented, for the time being, we will make monthly snapshots release for people interesting in watching the progress.


Soft Freeze, August 31th, 2011

No more features in master. Features in master are restricted to features discussed before hand and that can justify to be necesserary for user readiness.

It is worthwhile to remember that while new features are allowed in the beta cycle, it should be the exception, not the norm.

String Freeze, October 12th, 2011

Any changes to a string needs to be discussed with the translation teams (except for typo that are bug fix and you only need to ping the translation teams). It also means no new features can be added.




Alpha 1 (2.3.71)

  • Tagging May 12th (no big merge on that day)
  • Release May 18th

Alpha 2 (2.3.72)

  • Tagging June 10th (no big merge on that day)
  • Release June 16th

Alpha 3 (2.3.73)

  • Tagging July 8th (no big merge on that day)
  • Release July 13th

Alpha 4 (2.3.74)

  • Tagging August 12th (no big merge on that day)
  • Release August 17th


Beta 1 (2.3.81)

  • Tagging September 7th (no big merge on that day)
  • Release September 14th

Beta 2 (2.3.82)

Beta 3 (2.3.83)

Beta 4 (2.3.84)

  • Tagging November 18th (no big merge on that day)
  • Release November 23th

Beta 5 (2.3.85)

  • Tagging December 9th (no big merge on that day)
  • Release December 14th


There is no realistic way to be certain when the RC1 will be available, hopefully in December, we invite you to check [1] and when the number of tests failure and release critical bugs is near zero, then the time for the RC1 will be very close.

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