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Calligra/Schedules/2.4/Feature Plan

See also: Release Plan, Quality Control

This is a list of planned features for Calligra Suite 2.4.

Status: in development, Alpha


  • todo => not started yet
  • in-progress => started, but not completed yet
  • done => completed
  • URRF => User Readiness Required Feature

Common Libraries

Status Description Contact
DONE new tool options docker Casper Boemann
DONE new tool bar docker Casper Boemann
DONE blur effect for shape shadows Yue Liu
DONE Complete support for ODF glue points Jan Hambrecht
TO DO save table styles (border,size etc) to ODF. URRF - 4 weeks Pierre Docruquet <{{{3}}}>
TO DO improve saving to ODF Sebastian Sauer <{{{3}}}>
IN PROGRESS Qt version with table navigation fix. URRF - next Qt bugfix with a little luck Qt/Casper Boemann
IN PROGRESS Make tool shortcut configurable Sven Langkamp
TO DO Implement markers Thorsten Zachmann <{{{3}}}>
IN PROGRESS Improve Text on Shape Thorsten Zachmann
IN PROGRESS Handle unknown frame shapes (UnavailShape) Inge Wallin


Also see librarries above and TextShape at the end, as much of Words functionality is done there

Status Description Contact
DONE Make focus return to text input after clicking on tool option buttons Casper Boemann
TO DO Improve user interface, in other areas as needed Casper Boemann, Sebastian Sauer <{{{3}}}>


Status Description Contact
IN PROGRESS Increase maximum row count to 2^20 Marijn Kruisselbrink
IN PROGRESS Reorganization of the application menu Stefan Nikolaus
IN PROGRESS Revive the editing of page headers and footers Stefan Nikolaus
IN PROGRESS Index based API for Region Stefan Nikolaus
TO DO Make it possible to edit rich-text cell content (saving/loading/rendering already is supported) Marijn Kruisselbrink <{{{3}}}>


Status Description Contact
IN PROGRESS Outline mode Jean-Nicolas Artaud, Benjamin Port
TO DO Slides sorter bug fix Jean-Nicolas Artaud <{{{3}}}>


See also long-term Kexi plans and the changelog. This release is somewhat compatible with the Worse is Better idea.

Status Description Contact
TO DO description contact <{{{3}}}>


Status Description Contact
DONE Stencil Shape support Yue Liu
DONE KNewStuff3 support Yue Liu
TO DO User interface improvements Yue Liu <{{{3}}}>


Status Description Contact
TO DO description contact <{{{3}}}>


Status Description Contact
TO DO Make it possible to translate, rotate, shear generation layer Cyrille Berger <{{{3}}}>
TO DO GHNS integration for Shiva Cyrille Berger <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Create tutorial from recorded actions Cyrille Berger <{{{3}}}>
DONE Add an option to duplicate for the source point to not move Cyrille Berger
TO DO Replace use of libkdcraw by a direct use of libraw, and opening RAW images directly in Krita with a white balance adjustment mask Cyrille Berger <{{{3}}}>
DONE Paint with pattern, gradients, random colors Cyrille Berger
DONE Create filter action in the macro editor Cyrille Berger
DONE Add ellipse, spline and perspective assistant Geoffry Song
DONE Improve the assitant editor tool Geoffry Song
DONE Add an history docker Matus Talcik
TO DO Spray area defined by brush tip as in hairy brush Lukas Tvrdy <{{{3}}}>
DONE Mirror option (ala alchemy) for paintops Lukas Tvrdy
TO DO New API for paintop to be able to save data between strokes (sketch brush, ink depletion etc.) Lukas Tvrdy,Dmitry Kazakov <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Move QImage file brushes from spray shape to custom brush Lukas Tvrdy <{{{3}}}>
TO DO New QPainterPath based brush shapes (vector brushes) Lukas Tvrdy <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Add lines styles from Qt's QPainter to line-based paintops (sketch, hatching) Lukas Tvrdy <{{{3}}}>
IN PROGRESS Finish animation-based paintop: experiment paintop Lukas Tvrdy
TO DO VBR Brush support Lukas Tvrdy <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Rendering the GIMP brush masks in Autobrush as new option Lukas Tvrdy <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Region Of Interest in KisUpdateScheduler Dmitry Kazakov <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Experiment with splines to optimize mask generation Dmitry Kazakov <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Halftone brush Pentalis <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Halftone generator Pentalis <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Hatching generator Pentalis <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Watery mixbrush Pentalis <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Tablet support for select by brush Adam Celarek <{{{3}}}>
IN PROGRESS Magnetic select tool Adam Celarek
IN PROGRESS Curve widget with spline, line, function and freehand curves Adam Celarek
TO DO Lindenmayer brush engine Adam Celarek <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Text tool without "add shapes" docker. junior job, if you want to take over.. :) Adam Celarek <{{{3}}}>
TO DO MyPaint paintop Sven Langkamp <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Vector file import Sven Langkamp <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Rasterize shape layer Sven Langkamp <{{{3}}}>
TO DO QML export Sven Langkamp <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Improve the problem with outlines described here http://bugs.kde.org/252159 Lukas Tvrdy can mentor or Action Plan, already too big TODO <{{{3}}}>


Status Description Contact
TO DO description contact <{{{3}}}>


Status Description Contact
DONE Configurable task colors Dag Andersen
DONE Lockdown baselined project Dag Andersen
IN PROGRESS Handle time constraints in RCPS scheduler Dag Andersen
IN PROGRESS Improve printing support Dag Andersen
IN PROGRESS Improve reports Dag Andersen


Status Description Contact
TO DO description contact <{{{3}}}>


Status Description Contact
IN PROGRESS Add XLS export filter Marijn Kruisselbrink

MS Word Filters

Status Description Contact
IN PROGRESS Improve bullet size Matus Uzak


Status Description Contact
DONE Text tool - Better widget for bullet and numbering Casper Boemann
DONE Text tool - widget to quickly insert a table Casper Boemann
IN PROGRESS Text tool - new styles widget. URRF - 4 weeks

brian larochelle

DONE Text tool - add/remove rows and columns Casper Boemann
DONE Text tool - merge/split table cells Casper Boemann
TO DO Text tool - ui resize table columnwidths and rowheights. Including undo/redo. URRF - 6 weeks Casper Boemann <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Text tool - table cells borders. Including undo/redo. URRF - 10 weeks Casper Boemann <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Review tool - show ballons Pierre Stirnweiss <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Review tool - spellcheck. URRF - ? weeks Pierre Stirnweiss <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Review tool - statistics. URRF - ? weeks Pierre Stirnweiss <{{{3}}}>
DONE Layout - run around full support Casper Boemann
DONE Layout - anchors full support. URRF - 4 weeks Matus Hanzes
DONE Layout - Table of Contents full support. URRF - 4 weeks Lukas Tvrdy
IN PROGRESS Layout - improve performance Sebastian Sauer
TO DO Layout - a11y using QAccessible Sebastian Sauer <{{{3}}}>


Status Description Contact
IN PROGRESS Add a shape that create comic boxes Cyrille Berger
IN PROGRESS Make the vector shape save correctly Inge Wallin

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