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Calligra/Meetings/Spring 2014 Sprint

You learned that Copenhagen as sprint location misses someone to organize hosting.

Thankfully we have two (new) offers for the sprint by these possible hosts:

  • Blue Systems in Barcelona
  • KDAB in Berlin

Beware: Sprint date continues to be on WE 30 May to 01 Jun

Both offers can be considered more or less equivalent (central in big cities with good connectivity, nice hosts, good internet, lots of space for up to 15 people, affordable accomodation, etc). So let's make a vote, and also have some numbers for better comparability.

Deadline for voting on host: March 12th

After that and once the host confirms our decision, we will update https://sprints.kde.org/sprint/170 with the new location. Then everyone will need to update their sponsoring details until March 25th on sprints.kde.org (will send reminder email). We need to have all data ideally still in this first quartal of the year, because e.V. likes to get sponsoring requests in the quartal before the one with the sprint.

So please enter your details below. Accomodation should not be that different in both cities, so no estimate needed on that, travel costs will be more deciding. Still tell if you would need accomodation sponsored or not.

Thanks everyone for voting, vote closed! Berlin seems winner, at least by travel costs. So currently seeing to tie things up. More info soon.

Name Favourite (Barcelona /Berlin) Arrival Departure Travel costs estimate Sponsoring needed? (Accom. /Travel) Comment Missing Money
Camilla Boemann (Favourite) (BER arrival) (BER departure) (BER travel costs) (BER sponsoring: Accom. /Travel) (Comment)
Friedrich W. H. Kossebau Barcelona May 30, 18h Jun 1, 18h 60 EUR Accom.
mojtaba shahi (Favourite) (BER arrival) (BER departure) (BER travel costs) (BER sponsoring: Accom. /Travel) (Comment)
Jarosław Staniek Berlin 30.05 01.06 100 sponsoring: Accom. /Travel Barcelona would be nice but we need to look at costs for the e.V. Sprints are short. 0
Inge Wallin Berlin 30/5 1/6 100 sponsoring: Accom. /Travel Barcelona is cool but isn't Berlin so much more convenient? I myself can go directly to Berlin through Ryan Air which is not so nice but super convenient
Jigar Raisinghani Barcelona 30.5 1.6 650 Euros(Travel + Accom.) Travel + Accom. These are the rates as per 10.3.14 and may vary depending on day of booking.
Thorsten Zachmann BER 30.5. 1.6. 200-300€ Accom. /Travel (Comment)
Dmitry Kazakov BER 30.05 01.06 200eur Accom + Travel (Comment)
Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen (Favourite) (BER arrival) (BER departure) (BER travel costs) (BER sponsoring: Accom. /Travel) (Comment)
Arjen Hiemstra Barcelone (BER arrival) (BER departure) 200€ (BER sponsoring: Accom. /Travel) (Comment)
Boudewijn Rempt (Berlin) (BER friday) (BER sunday) (BER 200) (BER sponsoring: Accom. /Travel) (Comment)
Sebastian Sauer (Favourite) (BER arrival) (BER departure) (BER travel costs) (BER sponsoring: Accom. /Travel) (Comment)
(Name) (Favourite) (BER arrival) (BER departure) (BER travel costs) (BER sponsoring: Accom. /Travel) (Comment)

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