Calligra/Meetings/Spring 2013 Sprint

General information

The sprint will take place from ?.?.2013 to ?.?.2013 at ?

KDE Sprint page: NONE yet, but requested


Date finding page:

Currently hot dates: March 8th-10th and March 15th-17th

Plan is to arrive during Friday afternoon/evening and to leave Sunday afternoon/evening, as this usually fits people's time availability best.


hot candidates: event happening both at

  • the Linux Hotel (Essen, Germany)
  • the office of ThoughtWorks Bangalore (fallback option: Intel Bangalore) in Bangalore in India (unless we find a sponsor to fly people over to the other continent), See Bangalore

Attendees List

Column explanations:

Sponsoring needed?
enter if you need sponsoring from the KDE e.V. or if you pay the travel/stay by yourself (please also ask any of your company/employer/donor if they would sponsor you, at least partially). Options are: "Yes", "For accomodation", "For travel", "No". Add note if you might be able/willing to take part of costs yourself, if really needed.
Estimated travel costs
enter the estimated travel costs you would have to travel to & from LinuxHotel or Bangalore
Estimated accomodation costs
if you are going to stay at the LinuxHotel, enter the days (e.g. Fri-Sun), if you are going to stay in Bangalore, also give a money estimate

Also notice the section "3. Financial support" of the KDE Sprint Policy.

Name email Area Estimated travel costs Estimated accomodation costs Sponsoring needed? Single / double / many room Special
Friedrich W. H. Kossebau cleaning up, core libs, Words 140 € LinuxHotel (Fri-Sun) Yes (can take parts myself) many -
Boudewijn Rempt [email protected] parts stuff 100 € LinuxHotel (Fri-Sun) For acco only double share room with ingwa
Sven Langkamp [email protected] Krita 0 € LinuxHotel (Fri-Sun) For acco only ? -
Dmitry Kazakov [email protected] Krita 280-330 € (depending on dates) LinuxHotel (Fri-Sun) Yes many -
Thorsten Zachmann [email protected] Stage, Libs 60-120 € (depending when booking is done) LinuxHotel (Fri-Sun) Yes double -
Inge Wallin [email protected], [email protected] Author, Words, libs, plugins, marketing 300-400 € (depending when booking is done) LinuxHotel (Fri-Sun) Yes double -
Marijn Kruisselbrink [email protected] Sheets $1000 - $1200 (depending when booking is done) LinuxHotel (Fri-Sun) Yes ? Bangalore would be about the same travel costs for me
Yue Liu [email protected] Flow, mac $900 - $1000 (depending when booking is done) LinuxHotel (Fri-Sun) Yes Any Bangalore would be about the same travel costs for me
Shantanu Tushar [email protected] Active - - No - Bangalore
Gopalakrishna Bhat A [email protected] Author, Formula Shape - - No - Bangalore
Sujith Haridasan [email protected] Active - - No - Bangalore
Jigar Raisinghani [email protected] Sheets 100-150 € ( Depending when booking is done) Fri - Sun( 60 €) Yes ? Bangalore
Arjen Hiemstra [email protected] core/libs, krita, ui design 80-100€ LinuxHotel, Fri-Sun Yes any -
Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen [email protected] core/libs, krita, author 200€ LinuxHotel, Fri-Sun Yes Any -
Mani Chandrasekar [email protected] Words - - No - Bangalore
Nityam Vakil [email protected] Sheets 100-150 € ( Depending when booking is done) Fri - Sun ( 60 €) Yes ? Bangalore


Needed: reliable conferencing system to make space between India - Europe vanish virtually (sadly not possible for timezone difference)

Any proposals, experiences?

Sprint agenda

Below follows a suggested agenda for the sprint. It's free for anybody to put new items below. The actual contents and order for the agenda will be decided at the sprint. Please also indicate who is behind a certain suggestion. If you are interested in something that is already proposed and want to add your opinion, then add your name to the list.


Presentations of things interesting to the Calligra community. Please state targeted audience.

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Projects we'll work on in small groups, mostly coding or creating other concrete results.

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Discussions about topics, which are relevant to all or a sub group of people. Please state audience and desired result of the discussion.

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Meeting Notes

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