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Kexi BoF


  • OwnCloud integration for Kexi storage, contributors needed
  • WebForms, contributors needed
  • Fullscreen: TODO
  • Define object model for public Kexi APIs, then start to implement using QtScript. Documentation of the object model would become a base for section in the Kexi Handbook (minus development notes).




Plan: Move plugin tabbed toolbars to plugins
  • define KexiTabInfo { QString name; QString toolTip; QString whatsThis; QString tabText; QColor tabColor; QWidget* widget; }
  • implement virtual QList<KexiTabInfo*> KexiPart::createMenuTabs() const = 0;
  • implement createMenuTabs() is kexi form and report plugins.
Idea: User feedback module
Idea: New developers in Kexi Mobile sub-project

SPOILER! Three new Kexi devs are N9* owners now and two of them look forward to contribute something.

  • Use //! @todo, Q_ASSERT(), see techbase for more hints
KoReports and/or mail merge?

Mail merge CAN be superset of KoReports BUT the latter less complex code because of lack of ODF dependency and flake editing code that is not all needed for reports.

  • Radek: unit tests for Predicate
  • Radek: Chart form widget, look as possibilities of sharing code with koreport chart
  • Dimitrios: Split function for any view; vertical, horizontal; start with internal (in view, per view); consider external one
  • Dimitrios: family of functions
    • Quick bugfix: RMB menu should be related to clicked tab, not always the active one
    • "New Window" - creates new empty kexi main window with prj navigator and tabbed toolbar
    • Detach tab - do the same as in "New Window", close current tab and open it in the new window; never destroy the object's view but just reparent
    • Attach tab - close the tab in the "New Window", if the new window is empty, close it, attach the tab to place it was attached to before; never destroy the object's view but just reparent
    • Full screen; F11
    • Split View, as in Kate's View menu: Previous Split View Shift+F8; Next Split View F8; Split Vertical CTRL+Shift+L; Split Horizontal CTRL+Shift+H; Close Current View CTRL+Shift+R; needs synchronisation when data is changed and filters are applied
    • Dual View: Split View with Table or Query on top and related Autoform below - when launched from table or query; Split View with Form on top and related Table view below - when launched from form
  • Open: show records selected for removal in DML queries in color, e.g. red (preview) before actual execution of query
  • Add "Translations" node in the project navigator
  • Add Format Tab for use in designers
    • Use format tools for data mode (rich text edit?)
  • Angry Access Users!
  • Send a Cake for 22th anniversary of MSA!


Eating our own Dog Food BoF

  • Eating our own Dog food:Why?
  • Dimitrios:Must use application developed by ourselves
  • jstaniek:Testing by contributors is very valuable.Developers are also actors in their own use cases.Eating dog food helps to avoid feature duplication.
  • leads to team building
  • We increase knowledge about applications,better integration
  • Inge:Create Kexi specific tools using generic shapes for benefit of Kexi.
  • jstaniek:proposes idea of separate sidebar for shapes instead of property editor.
  • Inge:Kexi as a Bugzilla client:Use Kexi as a tool for backtracking and a link to Bugzilla
  • Inge:Create application where list of docs match to list of features(stored in a database)
  • Radek:use kexi as a source of data or tables
  • Jstaniek:Discussions about pros and cons of using KoReports in Kexi
  • Improve support for analyzing data in Kexi
  • jstaniek:Work on new Predicate backend is picking up speed,release tentative in Calligra 3.0
  • Thank You Note

Integration BoF

  • jstaniek:Integration Ideas-People must contribute to common Calligra Applications.Koreports(in calligralibs) used by Kexi and Plan.
  • Proposal of having Mail Merge in Calligra Libs
  • Use Modern kexi GUI in other applications
  • jstaniek:Emphasize reuse of Calligra:Including implementation of Forms Interface in other Calligra applications
  • Suresh:QtScript and benefits of Jscript
  • Inge:Kexi integration with Nepomuk
  • jstaniek:Discussion on QAnimatedStack
  • jstaniek:Importance of Modern Menu to reduce clutter of menu area while exiting a particular kind of mode
  • jstaniek:Idea of themes is proposed

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