Calligra/Meetings/Fall 2011 meeting

Calligra Sprint Fall 2011

"Calligra 2.4 Sprint"



Helsinki, at Nokia.

  • Office:
Itamerenkatu 11-13
00180 Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland

When you come to the office please go to the reception and say that you are coming to the Calligra Sprint. There you will get your badge which you will need to wear while you are inside the Nokia office. I will pick you up. You can ask the receptionist to give me a call. Once the reception or the office is closed please give Thorsten or Suresh a call.

Thorsten Phone +49 151 1483 1665
Shuresh Phone +358 504 837 281
  • Hotel:
Radisson Blu Seaside
180 Helsinki, Finland
  • How to get from airport:*Helsinki%2FVR%2C+Helsinki*2552450*6673670&via_in=&via=&via_time=0&to_in=Ruoholahti+Chapel%2C+Helsinki&to=poi*Ruoholahti+Chapel%2C+Helsinki*2550944*6672723&hour=16&minute=00&timetype=departure&day=11&month=11&year=2011&cmargin=3&wspeed=70&method=1&stz=0&mc1=0&mc2=0&mc3=0&mc4=0&mc5=0&mc6=0&mc0=0&nroutes=3
  • How to get from hotel to Office:
The Office is only 5 minutes away from the hotel.


Name Arrives Leaves
Thorsten Airport 10.11. 15:45 Airport 13.11. 17:00
Brijesh Airport 11.11. 14:50 Airport 14.11. 20:00
Smit Airport 11.11. 14:50 Airport 14.11. 20:00


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