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This page contains the foundations of the marketing of Calligra.

Some topics have their own pages:

Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is an extremely short definition of what a project is that is used to give a 1-2 sentence introduction to the project for people who don't know anything about it.

In a PR workshop at Akademy 2012 the following template for elevator pitches was presented:

ABC is the special or best thing for certain kinds of people who want to do something awesome, in the way they want to do it.

Here is the elevator pitch for Calligra:

Calligra is the tightly integrated suite of Office and Graphics applications used by office workers and artists to create complex documents and images that provides unique flexibility on the desktop and mobile devices.

Naming Conventions

In our communication we should use the same terminology always. Here are some definitions.

The name of the project (in the FOSS sense of the word).
Calligra Suite
The full application suite on the desktop.
Calligra Office Engine
The underlying engine that is common to the Calligra Suite, Calligra Mobile and Calligra Active and also the other company-specific user interfaces.

This means that there are some ways which are right wrong to use these terms:

Correct: "The Calligra project announces..." (or the Calligra team)

Wrong: "The Calligra Suite announces..."

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