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Calligra Suite Logo Guidelines

There is one logo that the Calligra contributors deem as official. It is presented below in two variants, 1. black on white and 2. negative.

Calligra Suite Logo - 100 x 71 pixels bitmap

These are the smallest size possible, good for use on web sites.

(To download these images, click with right mouse button on an image and select "Save Image As...")

Black on white background:


Negative, white on black background:


Big Calligra Suite Logo - 3000 x 2127 pixels bitmap

Good for printouts up to 600 dpi or down-scaling: [http://kexi-

(To download these images, click on link and then click with right mouse butt on the image and select "Save Image As...")

Black on white background

Negative, white on black background

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