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Calligra/Junior Jobs

Junior Jobs are bits of work that the Calligra developers have identified as being pretty easy but that they still haven't got the time for. If you want to get involved in Calligra development, you couldn't do better than pick up one of these ideas, contact the responsible person or join us on #calligra at irc.freenode.net, or on the mailing list [email protected] -- and start hacking.

When developing, you should use code from Calligra git repository as that is where the code for the next release is located. You can find some information on how to build it on the Building page.

List of all Junior Jobs in Calligra

How to use this page

Anyone who wants to fix any of the issues on this page can just start working on it and when finished submit the changes to the Calligra Team for inclusion in the next release.

Productivity Applications


Maintainer: Camilla Boemann (IRC: boemann)

List of all Junior Jobs in Calligra Words


Maintainer: Marijn Kruisselbring (IRC: mek, Email: [email protected])

List of all Junior Jobs in Calligra Sheets


Maintainer: Thorsten Zachmann (IRC: zagge, Email: [email protected])

List of all Junior Jobs in Calligra Stage

Stage 2.x is the completely redesigned presentation application for Calligra. It has been designed to become a fun and easy to use application for creating really smooth looking presentations. There are lots of nice, little jobs to be done here, so why not ask Zagge (as he's known on irc) for hints and pointers? Here are a few ideas to get started:


Kexi Maintainer: Jaroslaw Staniek (IRC: jstaniek, Email: staniek at kde.org)

See Kexi Junior Jobs


Creative Applications


Krita Maintainer: Boudewijn Rempt (IRC: boud, Email: [email protected])

List of all Junior Jobs in Krita

  • Add option to png export for disabling metadata and filter them (like in the jpeg export filter) (contact : Cyrille Berger)
  • make the autocontrast filter an option of the configuration widget of the level filters as well as the brightness/contrast filter (contact : Cyrille Berger)
  • Implement remaining todo's for the background feature (see the TODO file in krita/plugins/extensions/backgrounds and contact Boudewijn Rempt)
  • add a "new image from pasteboard" widget to the new document dialog, a bit like the "Custom document" widget, but it would just show a preview of the content of the clipboard, as well as the choice of profile (web or screen) (see [1], contact : Cyrille Berger)
  • Alignment. The | KDE Hig wants all labels to be right-center aligned with the corresponding widgets, a change from KDE3, where everything was left-center aligned. This means we need to go over all our .ui files, all our QLabel's in the code and set the alignment to Qt::AlignRight | Qt::AlignVCenter. A nice way to pass through most of the Krita code! Contact: Boudewijn Rempt


List of all Junior Jobs in Karbon

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