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Calligra/Icons/Shared icons

On this page we collect descriptions of the icons we need for Calligra. Rather than showing pictures of icons we describe the functionality they provide.

The icons are grouped in sections so they are easier to find. When adding new please consider which group to add them to, and possibly create a new group.

Only requirement is that they will be used by more than one Calligra application.

See also:

View management icons

name KDE3 name description
fit-to-2-pages n/a Fit to two pages: Possibly we could also have a "fit to two pages"


name KDE3 name description
insert-table-row insert_table_row An icon for inserting a new (empty) row into a table at current selection, e.g. a table row in KWord, a whole row in a spreadsheet, a whole row in Kexi's tabular view. png

Additional note: In case of Kexi, the action is not the same as "start editing a new row" (current Kexi icon, MS Access icon), but has largely the same meaning as in spreadsheets - for example it is used in design mode of the Table Designer (screenshot).

dialog-no button_no A gdash '-' icon being a pair for dialog-ok (blue 'v' icon). Used in places like the property editor for 3-state mode, where yes/no/unknown states are provided. Currently the icon is drawn as a gray dash:
File:Icons-KOffice wide icons-dialog-no.png
It is recommended to use a neutral color and not red. In particular we did not decide to use dialog-cancel (/) or red 'x' to avoid suggestion that the selection as about deleting an item. (Jstaniek 14:02, 31 October 2008 (PDT))
Source code using the icon: [1].

Chart Types

name KDE3 name description

There is already a nice set of chart icons, but the types above are not yet included. Ideally the same artist does the missing one. All existing icons are part of Oxygen icon set, see office-chart-*

clef Types (+ icon for shape)

name KDE3 name description
musicflake/musicshape icon for the Music Shape

Formula Symbols

name KDE3 name description

From what I can tell after my research these icons have never existed. A request to the original author of the code using these icon names has not got an answer yet (see email "Missing icons in the formula shape" from July 10th 2012 on calligra-devel) Other formula icons are in plugins/formulashape/pics/hicolor/

Layer Actions

name KDE3 name description
layer-new for the action to create a new layer (layer as in: layer in a stack of layers of a document, where each layer contains a group of objects, like a pixmap)

Krita has a "newlayer" icon (krita/pics/newlayer.png) which is similar to an empty document. Other than that there are no icons with a symbol for a layer yet.

layer-duplicate used in the context menu on a layer in the "Layers" docker of Krita, for the action "Duplicate Layer or Mask". Or rather do a generic "edit-duplicate" icon?
layer-merge used in the context menu on a layer in the "Layers" docker of Krita, for the action "Merge with Layer Below". Or rather do a generic "edit-merge" icon?

Guides Insertor Options

name KDE3 name description
add-horizontal-edges Used in checkbox of the Guides Tool to control if guidelines should be added at the horizontal borders of the current page
add-vertical-edges Used in checkbox of the Guides Tool to control if guidelines should be added at the vertical borders of the current page

The Oxygen icon set has "snap-guideline" and "edit-guides" as design reference.

Snap to Boundingbox

name KDE3 name description
snap-boundingbox Used in a checkbox to control if bounding boxes of objects should be used as guidelines to snap to.

Used in all option widgets where snapping is configured, e,g. in Calligra Words at the bottom of the "Basic shape manipulation" tool view.

Calligra has icons for all the snap options in libs/flake/pics/ox16-action-snap-*.png which are copies from the Oxygen iconset. In Oxygen the SVG versions can be found in the "small" subset, e.g. for the 16x16 variants in http://websvn.kde.org/trunk/kdesupport/oxygen- icons/scalable/actions/small/16x16/snap-*.svgz

No idea where a bounding box is already part of a icon, so the presentation could be consistently reused. Also no idea how to design the icon.

Tool icons

name KDE3 name description
tool_formula_edit is now "text", should be a sigma or something
tool_pagelayout a symbol for (the tool for) the basic layout of a document page/slide

Seen e.g. in Calligra Words in the title bar of the tool view "Page layout". No idea from where the icon could be derived.

tool_references a symbol for (the tool for) everything related to refering other texts (footnotes, literature, citation).

Seen e.g. in Calligra Words in the title bar of the tool view "References", No real idea here where to take symbolism from for the icon.

tool_review for the review tool. Currently not available in the UI
commentTool No idea how and where to create comment shapes and thus how to see the comment tool. So no idea what is needed here as icon.

Comment related icons are in Oxygen none, in Calligra:

  • sheets/data/toolbar/hicolor/hi16-action-comment.png
  • sheets/data/toolbar/hicolor/hi16-action-removecomment.png
  • flow/stencils/SDL/comment.png

The icons tool_pagelayout, tool_references, and tool_review are used together with the icon of the text tool, so ideally have a consistent look.

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