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Calligra/Icons/Shared icons

On this page we collect descriptions of the icons we need for Calligra. Rather than showing pictures of icons we describe the functionality they provide.

The icons are grouped in sections so they are easier to find. When adding new please consider which group to add them to, and possibly create a new group.

Only requirement is that they will be used by more than one Calligra application.

See also:

View management icons

name KDE3 name description
fit-to-width view_fit_width Fit to width: This mode automatically adjusts the zoom so the width of the page/canvas is always entirely visible.
fit-to-page view_fit_window Fit to page: This mode automatically adjusts the zoom so the page/canvas is always entirely visible in the view.
fit-to-2-pages n/a Fit to two pages: Possibly we could also have a "fit to two pages"
fit-1-to-1 n/a Actual pixels: In this mode (for paint applications only) pixels are shown 1 to 1 on screen. This is not the same as 100%.
grid grid Show grid: a switch - shows or hides grid helper within the document view. png


name KDE3 name description
insert-table-row insert_table_row An icon for inserting a new (empty) row into a table at current selection, e.g. a table row in KWord, a whole row in a spreadsheet, a whole row in Kexi's tabular view. png

Additional note: In case of Kexi, the action is not the same as "start editing a new row" (current Kexi icon, MS Access icon), but has largely the same meaning as in spreadsheets - for example it is used in design mode of the Table Designer (screenshot).

dialog-no button_no A gdash '-' icon being a pair for dialog-ok (blue 'v' icon). Used in places like the property editor for 3-state mode, where yes/no/unknown states are provided. Currently the icon is drawn as a gray dash:
File:Icons-KOffice wide icons-dialog-no.png
It is recommended to use a neutral color and not red. In particular we did not decide to use dialog-cancel (/) or red 'x' to avoid suggestion that the selection as about deleting an item. (Jstaniek 14:02, 31 October 2008 (PDT))
Source code using the icon: [1].


name KDE3 name description
documentinfo-koffice ? Icon used to show the action to that pops up a dialog for various document-specific meta data.

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