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Calligra/Following bugs reports

KOffice uses bugzilla (bugs.kde.org) for its bugs and wishlists. Bugzilla has a design assumption that's a bit odd and we found a workaround that koffice developers might find useful.

Bugzilla has the assumption that one application/component will always have exactly one maintainer email-address. This works fine for many cases but it fails for KOffice where there typically are various people responding to bugs for any component. To work around this some part of koffice have fake email accounts on bugzilla which effectively means the incoming bugs go nowhere. We then use a second feature from bugzilla that allows any bugzilla user to "follow" another user which allow to easily follow the activity relative to that product.

To receive notification for each change that happens to a product, you can subscribe to the changes of any of the fake email accounts after logging into bugzilla. (bugs.kde.org)

To follow an email address go to "My account > Edit My preferences", then click on "Email preferences" and fill "Add users to my watch list".

Here is the list of fake account you can follow:

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