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This page describes how one can send a contributed patch for discussion to the Calligra developers.

Quick Links:

Create a patch

In order to create a patch with git:

  • in your branch: git diff master > filename
  • from master: git diff branchname > filename

Submit it to review board

If you are new to Calligra development you should almost submit almost always your patch to Calligra on KDE's review board. But some code need to be reviewed even if it is created by long time core developers. If you are unsure check out the rules of the review board.

  • Log in to the review board. It is using the KDE identity (if you do not have an account, you can get one from KDE identity, it is open to everyone)
  • Click on "New Review Request"
  • In Repository, choose calligra
  • In Diff select the patch you want to upload
  • Optionnaly in parent, give a patch that needs to be applied before yours (this is only needed if the patch is based on an other patch from reviewboard or on a branch different from master)
  • After clicking on "Create a review request" you will have to add "calligra" in the list of group and a description
  • Fill the summary and the title
  • Don't forget to press "publish" at the top of the page

For previous requests, see also the old KOffice SVN reviewboard page.

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