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Calligra/Calligra Mobile

See also: Kexi Mobile. and : [FreOffice Blog]

Calligra Mobile Suite Planning

As FreOffice is maturing and getting better day by day it would be good to start to develop the Calligra way of working in planning future development of FreOffice and aligning with the Calligra release plans. Currently the code base is all part of Calligra trunk under tools. We think it would best fit into Calligra as a mobile edition of the suite and we could consider relocating or structuring FreOffice as mobile UI. We have been discussing that it would also be a good time to consider renaming FreOffice to align more closer to Calligra. Calligra Mobile is an option which might align with Calligra. It would be good to hear your opinion about this way of development for FreOffice.

Key Next Steps

One of the key and fundamental next step in development of Calligra Mobile suite is to make it end user ready (as mobile clients in Maemo, MeeGo, etc, environments). This basically means that it would require atleast the following from my perspective:

  • Clean up the code architecturally and make it clean and modular (Already being actively developed by Mani and Jaroslaw and more)
  • Ensure there are no crashes in the UI and is stable
  • Make the mobile office stable and address some of the usability issues identified by the analysis made so far
  • Identify and Document the APIs required to use Calligra backend and agree these to be become API Calligra suite will provide
  • Agree if we should merge the IRC channel(currently #FreOffice @ Freenode) or just keep the mobile stream and desktop discussions parallel
  • Clean up the UI plug-in architecture and make the current plug-ins stable and utilize only stable plugins for the next release
  • Update the software based on end user feedback and improve usability issues which are stopping from using the FreOffice for real world use cases
  • For Maemo 5 move the application from development edition to end user ready version and get real users to use
  • For MeeGo environment Move the current Qt version of FreOffice on Maemo 5 with minimal updates and repackaging into MeeGo platform 1.2 (Under development)
  • Later plan to enhance the UI by developing QML based UI for MeeGo Platform and contribute as a reference implementation for Office viewer there
  • In future: MeeGo has multiple Ux environments and we would like to enhance the Mobile Ux to scalable to other ux if time permits.
  • Others, please add any other wish list or things I have missed out..


Core Software: Manikandaprasad Chandrasekar(Mani), Lassi Nieminen(Lassi), Boudewijn Rempt, marijn kruisselbrink(Marijn), Jaroslaw Staniek and Suresh Chande,

UI Usability enhancement and Graphics: Mitul Bhat, Yugu

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Student projects

QMLified Mobile UI for MeeGo Platform- Shantanu Tushar Jha

Plugin development for Calligra Mobile - VTU Students

Usability Enhancement of Calligra Mobile for N900 - SJCE Students

Usability Studies of FreOffice - Symbiosis Institute Of Design and IIIT-Bangalore

Implement Dictionary/Thesaurus functionality for Calligra Mobile - No one yet

Document scanner - scan real world text documents and convert it to ODT document

More to be added here

Student contributors

Afaque Hussain , Ajay Pratap, Arjun , Gopalakrishna Bhat, Hari, Kaushik, Kaushal, Kumar, Pramod S G, Pratik Vyas, Sugnan Prabhu , Sunpreet

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