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The Calligra Week of Polish

The Calligra Week of Polish is a concentrated effort to remove all the little misfeatures and discomforts that makes it less pleasurable to use Calligra than it needs to be.

The Week of Polish will officially start on Saturday November 3rd 2012 and end on Saturday November 10th.

Until then we urge everybody to check their favourite Calligra application and note everything that you think should be improved. You can then do one of the following:

  • Register a bug at http://bugs.kde.org/ . Please let the summary line start with "CWOP: "
  • Add it to the list of misfeatures below
  • Fix the bug immediately instead of waiting for the week to begin.
  • All of the above. :)

We are especially looking for our esteemed users to bring up their issues. Here is your chance to get your favourite bug fixed!

List of Issues


  • The list of paragraph styles in the text tool docker should be sorted with the used ones first. Maybe separating them into categories would be better; eg headers, lists, paragraphs, bibliography...
  • In Words Inserting a page break isn't really easily discoverable. Also inexperienced users might miss an "insert page" button.
  • Make Tables in the Text Tool more comfortable to use, in example: table border size (select table / rows / columns and change the border size, and remember that size for future added rows/cells)
  • Tables in the Text Tool: Easier switching between cells (TAB and SHIFT-TAB).
  • Tables in the Text Tool: easier way to add rows to a table ("TAB" in the last cell)
  • Bug 308865 - CWOP: Icons in dockers are too small because of chrome around
  • Put the "Text editing" docker in the side depending on writing left-to-right or right-to-left. If writing left-to-right the mouse will often be closer to the left than the right side.
  • Bug 308868 - CWOP: Go to page lands at bottom of page.
  • Bug 308918 - CWOP: Welcome open/template dialog prevents immediate use of application
  • Bug 305440 - CWOP: Wrong encoding conversion for titles in MS Office documents
  • Bug 309361 - CWOP: Suggest file name: ${first heading1}.odt


  • Bug 308337 - CWOP: Calligra Sheets does not show Calendar Tool flake


  • Bug 309495 - CWOP: Stage doesn't save and load zoom mode
  • If you load a non-trivial presentation then try to switch between the 'Normal', 'Notes' and 'Slide Sorter' tabs then there's a noticeable delay. It would be better to switch tabs then generate the content afterwards.

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