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Calligra/Building Calligra on OSX

Install Dependencies

First you need to install Calligra dependencies, you can do it manually, through Macports or Homebrew, here shows how to do it in Homebrew.

  1. Install Homebrew following this guide.
  2. Setup adymo/homebrew-kde tap following this guide.
  3. Install all the dependencies to the calligra formula.
  4. Install ninja through Homebrew, which is a build tool faster than GNU make.

Setup Calligra Source Code

  1. Clone Calligra git repo.
    git clone git://anongit.kde.org/calligra
  2. Checkout the branch you want to build, master branch usually works best on OSX
  3. Make a directory for build and a directory for install, here we call them ${BUILD_DIR} and ${INSTALL_DIR} as references.

Build & Install

  1. Go to ${BUILD_DIR}, run cmake, ${PATH_TO_SOURCE_DIR} is the relative path from ${BUILD_DIR} to the source code directory:
  2. Build and install through command
    ninja install
  3. Setup environment variables similar to the homebrew-kde guide or put them in a script so you can fire up a debugger easily

Run & Debug

  1. If you set environment variables in ~/.profile and ran kbuildsycoca4 and update-mime-database, you can run Calligra application by .app container under ${INSTALL_DIR}/bin
  2. Here is a example script which included environment variable setup and debugger support [WIP]
#! /bin/bash


export PATH=${INSTALL_DIR}/bin:$PATH

kbuildsycoca4 --noincremental
update-mime-database ${BREW_DIR}/share/mime
update-mime-database ${BREW_KDE_DIR}/share/mime
update-mime-database ${INSTALL_DIR}/share/mime


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