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Konqi on serious business.

The Community Working Group is a group of people supporting KDE in all matters community. The charter and list of current members can be found on the KDE e.V. website.

Office Hours

The CWG is holding office hours in the #kde-cwg channel on freenode irc (#kde-cwg, or webchat). You are free to join and ask for help, tips and feedback to all things community. Sensitive and/or confidential topics should be brought up outside the office hours.

The last office hour was on 21 April 2013, 4:00pm UTC.

Logs will not be published but a summary of important points will be published if appropriate.

Please add the topic you want to discuss at the end of the following list. Topics we did not get to will be moved to the next office hour.

Open Topics

Add yours!

  • topic/question - name


The CWG is one working group within the KDE community, but all kinds of leaders within the community keep healthy dialogue flowing. See Leadership for more detail.

Healthy Teams

One of the initiatives we are developing is the Team Health Check. Please feel free to use this tool with your team, and adapt it to your needs.

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