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On a bug day, a product is chosen.
The aim of the bug day is to get as many bugs done on this product as possible. The target for triage is bugs listed in [http://bugs.kde.org bugs.kde.org] under the chosen product.
===Goals of this Bug Day===
* '''Main goals'''
** Check if bugs reported for older versions of KWin (<= version 1.9) are still reproducible.
** Check for duplicates of newer bugs (>= version 2.4)
** Check if bugs reported for KWin which are previously UNCONFIRMED are reproducible.
* If a bug's description is somewhat unclear, try to provide a better step-by-step procedure on how to reproduce it. This will make it easier for developers to find and fix the bug.
* Some bugs will only be reprocudible on certain graphics hardware, so please always provide the graphics card and driver you are using.
* Some bugs may not be reproducible on every installation of KDE. Thus we use a 4-eye principle, having at least 2 triagers look at the bugs before we make any changes on the bugs themselves.
* Some more information on how to mark bugs can be found on [http://techbase.kde.org/index.php?title=Contribute/Bugsquad This page].
* Be sure to join #kde-bugs on irc.freenode.net, as this is where the bug-day will be coordinated. (You can even join now!)
* You should be working with master branches for testing these bugs.
{{Warning|Always make a note on the bug of what the status is in the version you are testing with (be explicit as to what version of 4 you are using, mentioning whether it is a source build and which distro the packages come from).}}
===Is it a big bug?===
Prioritizing is good. If a major application doesn't work, this should be taken care of.
===Version field===
Keep an eye on what the "Version:" fields say in Bugzilla. If it says "unspecified", change the version field to match what the report says, i.e. to match version the bug was first reported in. <b>Do not change the version number  if it is currently set as a number!</b>
=== Work on notes.kde.org ===
Copy-paste the structure of [[/example | this page]] on a new page of notes.kde.org.
After adding triaged bugs on this page, you should keep an eye on their bugzilla status. Add yourself on the CC field in bugzilla to be informed about updates. When a bug is closed on bugzilla, it should be updated on this page.
You can do this with the tag &lt;s&gt;...&lt;/s&gt;
First select a period of bugs from the '''Division of labour''' section and mark your name next to it and mark it with your irc nickname to show that you are working on it. When you have completed all the bugs in that section, please mark it as complete.
For each bug, try and reproduce it as described in the report. Then list it in the appropriate section below. '''If you wish to close or mark as duplicate a bug, please list it here even if you have the bugzilla permissions to do so, in order to get a second opinion from another triager. This will help to reduce the number of incorrect actions taken on bugs.'''
Tell developers what you are testing with. (If you expect to upgrade between now and Bug Day, put what version you are using now next to the bugs/comments that you put on this page.)
{{Tip|If you're unsure about your graphics card or driver, you can use the ''glxinfo'' command in konsole to figure it out. Just look for the line "OpenGL version string". If you're still having trouble, just ask someone on #kde-bugs to help you.}}
{{Tip|If desktop effects are not working with the free drivers ensure that the functionality checks in the advanced compositing settings tabs are disabled.}}
{{Tip|Please be sure to sign every bug or comment you add to this page with your irc nickname. You can use the wiki markup <nowiki>~~~</nowiki> to insert your wiki username automatically (but only do this if it is the same as your IRC nickname, otherwise write your IRC nickname in by hand).}}

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