Binary Packages

This page lists binary packages for various OS.

This packages are not created by the KDE Release Team and we can not verify all packages are legit so proceed with the usual caution if you are installing packages from unknown or untrusted sources.

KDE 4.10.1

openSUSE provides packages for 12.2 and 12.3 versions. See here.

KDE 4.10.0

  • Kubuntu 4.10 page has info on packages for 12.10, 12.04 and the Raring development release.
  • openSUSE provides packages for its 12.2 version. See here.
  • KDE SC 4.10.0 is part of slackware-current. If you need KDE SC 4.10.0 on a stable release, then Alien BOB of the Slackware coreteam provides packages for Slackware 14. See this blog entry for more background and detail.
  • noop linux has released a live DVD with KDE 4.10.0. It is also available in the standard repository.

KDE 4.10 RC 3 (4.9.98)

KDE 4.10 RC 2 (4.9.97)

KDE 4.10 RC 1 (4.9.95)

KDE 4.10 Beta 2 (4.9.90)

KDE 4.10 Beta 1 (4.9.80)

KDE 4.9.x

KDE 4.9.5

KDE 4.9.4

  • Arch Linux provides the latest stable packages in the [extra] repository
  • Kubuntu packages are available for 12.04 and 12.10. More details can be found in the announcement on

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