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This page catalogs all the applications that are currently using Nepomuk, and will need to be ported to Nepomuk


Dolphin has been completely ported to Baloo. All traces of Nepomuk have been removed. There are some minor bugs which need to be addressed, but for the most part it is feature complete.


  • Simple Searching done
  • Contact Completion done
  • Email Search - Not done
  • ContactSearchJob - Needs work


Amarok has a separate Nepomuk collection. Porting this is going to be next to impossible as it creates huge sparql queries.


With the latest Digikam, it allows tags/rating to be synchronized with Digikam's database. This is done by running a process which continuously monitors the Digikam and Nepomuk database and performs 2 way synchronization. Considering that Baloo uses extended attributes to store tags, it might be easier to integrate this with Digikam.


Requires porting


Conquiere heavily depended on Nepomuk as its primary storage mechanism. It will need to be reworked to have a new storage medium.


Needs porting. Just using tags, should be very simple.


Uses Nepomuk to store the license information of a file. It's not integral to the application, and is just a nice addon. Considering that this requires Nepomuk to be running, it does not seem like a big loss.


Will need to be reworked.

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