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Applications/17.12 Release Notes


Since 17.04, the translations (messages, translated documentation, localized data) are included in the tarballs but *only* for Frameworks 5 applications.

Also, since this release does not contain anymore kdelibs4-based tarballs, there are no kde-l10n* tarballs as well. They used to contain only translations for kdelibs4-based tarballs starting from 17.04, so they are not needed anymore.

Tarballs that join the KDE Applications release


New tarballs

* ksmtp

Tarballs that were based on kdelibs4 and are now KF5 based

* juk
* kimagemapeditor
* kget
* kmix
* kmouth
* kolf
* ksirk
* palapeli
* sweeper
* zeroconf-ioslave
* kde-dev-scripts (maybe not worth mentioning in the release notes)

Tarballs that we do not ship anymore

* kdelibs (4.14.x)
* libkface (was unmaintained and didn't compile against newer opencv)
* blogilo (too broken, needs someone to step up and fix it and then it can rejoin)
* jovie (replaced by Qt Speech)
* kaccessible (superseded by the bridge from the Qt accessibility API to At-Spi provided by Qt5)
* ksaneplugin (not used even during kdelibs 4.x times)
* kde-runtime (was kdelibs4-based split into various other repos for kf5-based counterparts)
* kremotecontrol (was not ported to KF5)
* kppp (was not ported to KF5)
* kfilereplace (was not ported to KF5)
* klinkstatus (was not ported to KF5)
* kopete (was not ported to KF5)
* kscd (was not ported to KF5)
* kstars (moves to released independently)

Tarballs that have changed contents


Known issues

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