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Applications/17.04 Release Notes


The translations (messages, translated documentation, localized data) are now included in the tarballs but *only* for Frameworks 5 applications.

Translations for kdelibs4 applications and modules (like kdelibs4 itself and kde-runtime) are still shipped inside kde-l10n*

Tarballs that join the KDE Applications release

* libkgapi
* k3b

New tarballs

* kdav (split out of kdepim-runtime)

Tarballs that were based on kdelibs4 and are now KF5 based

* kajongg
* kcachegrind
* kde-dev-utils
* kdesdk-kioslaves

Tarballs that we do not ship anymore

* pim-storage-service-manager
* kommander

Tarballs that have changed contents

* kdesdk-kioslaves doesn't ship a svn kioslave, use the one from kdesvn
* kde-dev-utils doesn't ship the obsolete kprofilemethod, kstartperf, kmtrace, see https://mail.kde.org/pipermail/release-team/2017-February/010119.html

Known issues

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