Applications/16.12 Release Notes

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New tarballs:

* kdialog
* keditbookmarks
* kfind
* konqueror

Tarballs that we don't ship anymore:

* kde-baseapps (split into kdialog, keditbookmarks, kfind and konqueror; kdepasswd is gone)

Tarballs that were based on kdelibs4 and are now KF5 based:

* audiocd-kio
* kalzium
* kdegraphics-mobipocket
* kgpg
* kqtquickcharts
* ktouch
* libkcddb
* libkcompactdisc
* okular
* svgpart

Known issues:

* kdesdk-kioslaves: svn kioslave does not build with libsvn >= 1.9

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